our little robin

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”
– Robin Williams…


Not your Momma's

Working Sculpture


Mid March Forsythia

one of our first signs of spring

Saint Valentine

‘Basement smells bad. Look for cat poops, change litter.’
Happy Valentines Day. (note to her gardener) Martha Stewart


still in shock

Bella's Chocolate Pave`


jamie would be proud

Your strawberries would go well with Carson's homemade ravioli!


fourth yum

lookie here. one of my favorite blogs . . . meet Stephanie
Life Taste Like Food


more pink!

garden hose

"the obscure we see eventually. the completely obvious takes longer."



to you and yours today!


every spring

"Every spring is the only spring,
a perpetual astonishment"
Ellis Peters


we all shine on...

like the moon, the stars and the sun...John Lennon


happy valentine's day . . .

godiva is good. the real story . . . my granddaughter wanted just one little chocolate covered strawberry and I ended up with a half dozen . . . plus truffles.



what would you guess?

around three hours
on the treadmill?

if it is more than that,
be a friend and
just don't tell me...


Perseverance 101

She thought about it. Looked at it from every single angle. Carefully weighed her options. Measured it with her eyes over and over. And then finally, with hunger outweighing fear, she jumped out with every ounce of courage she could muster and grabbed the wire and shimmied down to her reward. After that initial success, she effortlessly leaped out time and again, never again hesitating, never questioning what was possible.
Proof that what holds us back is confined to what we tell ourselves. I never know what clever disguise my next "teacher" will choose.


in my mind, pt 2 (fcp) my mind, I live in an anthropologie store.

perhaps you have seen me there?


Déjà vu . . . .

all over again . . . kinda

schools have been closed since before way Christmas except for five days . . .

see the wood stacked for the fireplace - next to the kitchen door?

now you don't? that was a little over a week apart . . . . .

this was about two hours ago . . . got a lot more now. See you this weekend?? I have to - I will have a big pink coconut cake with 81 candles to deliver . . . .


winter schminter (fcp)

The forecast is for more snow?
Cabin fever? she asked (eye twitching).....

Nah, I'm traveling (in my mind) to a place of warm ocean breezes.....besides, all my rowdy friends are comin' over tonight:

Hugs to you! Load up the babies, sled on over and join us.


vigilante force

So... here I am, sitting by the window enjoying my book and a cup of tea, when I glance outside and spot this "rodent with a tail" trying to figure out how to reach my bird feeder.
he quickly went high and low, contemplating his strategy....

when suddenly, he glances over and sees ME at eye level, staring out the window at him.
Clearly he has a problem with being photographed because...
the next thing I knew, he flung himself through the thorny rose bushes and landed on the window sill where he tried to figure out how to get in. And do what? Tell me all about it? The more I think about it, I'm fairly certain I've seen him somewhere before because he looked very familiar....