Doors of the Distinguished

These heavy doors cover one of the ice house and dairy cellars at Ashland, the Henry Clay Estate in Lexington. They were built in 1830 and go sixteen feet into the ground. You can see the bottom of the great conical roof on the other one. These outbuildings provided the rare luxury of chilled food and drink year round. When ice was placed in an ice house in January or February it would last until October or November.

(some of the shots we post here have a surprise or at least a different view if you enlarge them. This one has my nephew coming up the steps . . .)


  1. Are you sure it is somebody we know? It looks a little ghostlike to me...

  2. What a nice idea for a blog. Have fun, you two!

    BTW, I find the idea of the ice house/dairy cellar fascinating -- 16 feet downward? Wow!


  3. These photos are great! Love your idea to blog with your sister. Thanks so much for letting me play in your Sandbox!