The Sisters! The Sisters!

In keeping with the I'm Older Than Dirt Theme - do you remember the name of the restaurant we would go to in Manhattan and the owner would greet us and look around to all the other customers and say "The Sisters - the Sisters!" Good Lord. And, not only take us over to Audrey Meadows and introduce us but insist that we take the table next to her? I miss that. What I really miss is the fact that we used to go to NYC about every other year and see all the great plays. And, stay in the theater district. And, did we always have great seats or what? We could have reached out and touched Jill Clayburgh. Or Mandy Patinkin and Bernadette Peters. Tommy Tune. Remember Ann Reinking? And, taking the D train to watch the Mets ? MoooKee . . . MoooKee! Having a slice for lunch? One summer day everyone - everyone - was in the streets to see Michael Jackson. You ran, I walked/ran a 10K thru Central Park. The shoe shop at Trump Tower not only had beautiful shoes but the beautiful Mom and beautiful daughter that were trying on a few pair, that we bumped into again later at one of the plays, was Ivana and little Ivanka. That was when the 'Queen of Mean' owned Helmsley Palace. That was when we would go to the skating rink at Rockefeller Center - not 30 Rock. That was when what's his name sold Studio 54 and had opened the Palladium . . . which was later demolished. Moma Leone's. When we went to Windows on the World Restaurant in the World Trade Center North we could see forever. We would walk Wall Street all the way down to South Street Seaport. Or, be in heaven on Mulberry Street in Little Italy where LaBella Ferrara had the BEST cannoli's EVER? I'm thinking a road trip . . . . . Strawberry Fields Forever . . . .

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