shopping Rx (fcp)

While you were out shopping for awesome princess bikes, I was home perfecting my newest creation. I was thinking red for the I rimmed festive glasses with a little crushed peppermint and added about half a glass of pomegranate juice (because Dr. Oz says its good for me), plus a touch of peppermint liqeur to "up" the pepperminty appeal. And last but not least, I threw in a festive little ol'splash of champagne. I think I'll call it a Peppermint Tiara, 'cause you just feel so...royal. Why, in no time at all, you find that you've got your feet propped up in your favorite bunny slippers as you cruise through all those fabulous internet sales. No lines. No arm wrestling anybody to the ground over a great buy. No traffic. No searching for a parking kind of shopping. And here's a great gift idea for the rest of your family: New Sunglasses!!!--they will thank you because they're going to get kind of tired of squinting from the glare of that sparkling tiara you're going to want be wear when you try my new concoction...
"Meeting Franklin Roosevelt was like opening your first bottle of champagne;
knowing him was like drinking it"
Winston Churchill

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