white on white

The style of this quilt is Trapunto. It was among several beautiful quilts displayed at the Upper Cumberland Quilt Festival in Algood, Tennessee. The quilt top, batting and the quilt backing make a sandwich for the running stitch. The running stitches outline feathers, leaves, flowers, swirly designs or whatever pattern being worked. Extra batting is then placed inside making the pattern raised. Most were white on white and made for weddings.


  1. I've tried this on a much smaller scale (a pillow). It is a beautiful art form, and when I see something like this that has been around for centuries, I wonder about its origin and if sisters wrote letters to each other about what they were making. I want to learn how to do it all. But then there is that pesky thing called time. Candlewicking is another form of white on white stitchery. Have you seen/made anything with that? Let's plan a crafts day...

  2. I am a proud owner of one of your beautiful candlewicking pillows - love it. Do they still have sewing bees? I'm packed . . . .

  3. We can start our own.